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Can I give student´s responsibility?


Give your students responsibility. They will be able to handle it.

What is FAPE?


FAPE stands for Free and Appropiate Public Eduation. This is required for every student with a disability under IDEA.

What are qualities of a special education teacher?

Qualities of a Special Education Teacher

Here are some qualities of a special education teacher: patient, understanding, caring, loving, outgoing, stubborn, funny, courageous, smart, creative, tough, good listener, flexible, persistent, supportive, happy.

What is special education?

Special Education

Special education is for students who have physical, emotional, behavioral, learning, attention, and social needs. Special education provides services and educational needs for students.

What do I do when students become frustated?


Frustration is common with students with disabilities. Allow them to feel emotions, but help them to understand that they need to have a good winning attitude to succeed in life.

Can I discipline my students?

Be Firm

Don't be afraid to discipline your students. Just because they have a disability doesn't mean they can't be disciplined. Be respectful and firm.

How do I respect students?

Respect Students

Respect The Students

I cannot say how many times I have seen special ed paras talking about their students, right in front of them as if they didn`t exist. That is insulting and disrespectful. Just because a child is disabled, doesn`t mean they don`t have feelings.

What is IDEA?


IDEA is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

What do children with disabilities need?

Just Children

Remember students with disabilities are children too. They need attention, love, patience, and have a right to learn just like any other student.

What is an IEP?


IEP is the Individuals Education Plan. It is a plan of student's needs, goals, and expectations signed by teachers, support staff, principals, and parents.

What materials should I have in my class?

Book Holders

Use book holders for students who can't hold a book themselves.

How do I prepare for students?

Big Pencils

Keep handy a stack of thick pencils. These are easier to use for students with disabilities.

Can I put my student´s down?

Build Them Up

Never put a student down. Help them believe in themselves and feel good about who they are.

Should I have high expectations?


Have high expectations for your students. Expect 200% and nothing more. When students know you expect good things from them, they'll strive to meet your expectations. Expect good behavior, good homework, and a good attitude.

When should I allow my student use an excuse?

No Excuse

Never allow a student use their disability as an excuse to not do their best.

What kind of chalk should I have?

Colored Chalk

Have colored chalk in your class. It's a great way to keep student's attention and to emphasize points.

What can I use in my classroom?

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards are great addition to the classroom. You can write on them and erase clean. You can use different colors as well. It's better than chalk because of less dust.

How do I ensure an effective classroom?

List Expectations

To ensure an effective classroom, keep a list of student and teacher expectations visible to everyone in the room. People can provide when they know what is expected.

What is OT and PT?

OT and PT

OT is Occupational Therapy for fine motor skills.
PT is Physical Therapy for all motor skills.

How can I improve my students self esteem?

Name Investigation

Research the origin of your students names. They can discuss them and understand that everyone's name has some meaning.

What is inclusion?


Inclusion is placing a student into a regular education classroom. Often these students need support such as physical therapy and other special services.

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