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As a parent of a student with severe disabilities who is transferring to a new program what should I make sure the teacher knows?Why?

Children With Disabilities Changing Programs

When children with disabilities change schools or programs it is essential for a parent to communicate with the child's new teacher. Parents need to meet with the new teacher to discuss any concerns before the transfer occurs. It is important that the parent share anything that he or she deems necessary or important.

Children with disabilities often require a structured routine. It may be important for the parent to share with the new teacher what routines have been successful with the child in the past.

Parents need share with the new teacher any type of specific behavior issues that the child has and perhaps the best way the behaviors have been handled in the past successfully.

It is also important that the parent let the new teacher know any medications his or her child is taking. The school should let the teacher know the types and when the medication is administered, but it is always nice to have the information from the parent, just in case.

Another good thing to share with a new teacher for a child who has a disability, is just the child's likes and dislikes. If the child has an aversion (due to his disability) to something like loud noises, then it is important for the parent to share this with the teacher.

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