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Should I use larger keyboards?

Larger Keyboard

Use a computer keyboard that has larger keys for students to type. This could be beneficial for those with physical and visual disabilities.

What kinds of word prediction software is available?


SoothSayer is an inexpensive word prediction software with many capabilities. It has voice feedback, custom dictionaries and lots more. It is easy to use, and is very helpful for typing.

What is voice recognition?


Fonix is a speech activation program. It's flexible, and you may download.

What is word prediction?

Word Prediction

Word Prediction is a program that can help predict words as the student is typing them. This helps the student type faster.

What should I consider before buying assistive technology?


Take your time before purchasing assistive technology for a student. You might find something better and cheaper. Research pays off.

What is word-plus?

Words Plus

Words Plus is a word prediction software, augmentative software, and environmental control. It is expensive, but many have found it very useful.

What kind of assistive technology can be used for writing?


Alpha Smart is a small word processor that students can use to type. It's portable, inexpensive, and has long lasting batteries. You can purchase key guards, keyboard skin, a bag, and other accessories. For more information click here

How can I get my student to use their speaking device?


Encourage your student to communicate as much as possible using their communication device, speech, or sign language. Encourage other students to talk with him/her. Surround them around activities to assist them to communicate. They'll need to communicate throughout their lives so it's good to start this in your classroom.

How do I help a student to communicate?

Communication Board

When a student can't communicate verbally due to speech problems, introduce them to a communication board. You can begin at an early age with pictures of simple concepts. As the child learns to read, you can add words and phrases. Being able to communicate is essential.

What if a student can´t use a mouse?

Track Ball

Use a computer track ball instead of a regular mouse. Students with physical disabilities can often use the track ball easier, and it's good therapy. Track balls can range from $30-$60.

What is a speaking device?

Speaking Devices

A variety of speaking devices assists students to talk. All the student needs to do is hit the appropriate button. This is very helpful for students who can't talk.

How can I protect my keyboard?

Keyboard Skin

Keyboard skins protect the keyboard from drool, dust, dirt, and liquids.

What is voice recognition?

Dragon Systems

Dragon Systems have many voice activation software packages to meet your and your students needs.

What is voice recognition?

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition software assists students who can't type to use the computer by speaking. They need a microphone and a good computer. Dragon Dictate and Via Voice are the leading voice recognition software.

What is IBM Via Voice?

IBM Via Voice

IBM Via Voice is another voice recogntion software. It works mainly with any computer with a faster processor speed. It's good for people who have diifficulty typing with their hands.

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