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How can I encourage socialization?


Allow students to socialize with other children who are not disabled. Create parties, activities, and events so all children may get together and talk. Be supportive of friendships.

How can I teach money?


When teaching money, remember to use real money as much as possible. Students will get an opportunity to feel and identify the real money.

How can I improve my students self esteem?

Feel Good

Have students write down why they are a good person. Help them find good qualities about themselves and how they use these qualities.

We all have good qualities. We just need to find and use them.

What is a life skill?

Life Skills Defined

A life skill is a skill that can get people through daily life. How to handle money, how to dress, how to eat and furthermore all qualify for life skills.

How can I get my students to act socially acceptable?


Allow students to model your behavior. If you act socially well, they are more likely to imitate the way you behave. So, be a good example because you never know who is watching you.

Should I help my student´s self esteem?

Self Esteem

Always build up your student's self esteem and self worth. Let them know something positive about themselves everyday. Encourage them to do their best.

What should I do about the weather?


Have a weather calendar in your classroom. Every day discuss the weather and appropiate clothing.

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