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How do I prepare for students?


Read and review the IEP's of the student's with special needs. Focus on each child's strengths and weaknesses. This will help you know where to place the students. Write down specific times and areas of assistance in the IEP.

How do I set up an inclusion program?


Familiarize yourself with the most current research and studies on inclusion. Talk to advocates and non-advocates of inclusion. Listen to them and learn from their experiences.

How can I make sure students go to therapy?

Cardboard Clocks

Tape cardboard clocks to the students desks to help them to remember special activities and events such as going to therapy.

How can I prepare for a student with a disability?

Ask for Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help from mentors, teachers, parents, and special education professionals.

What do I do with disruptive student?

Child Part of Activity

Make The Child Part of The Activity

If a child becomes disruptive during a class activity, do not send them off to draw or do puzzles. Make them part of the activity. If reading a story, have them help turn the pages. Ask them to point out characters or words on the page. Use your imagination to make the child feel an important part of what is going on.

How can I group students?

Behavior Models

Consider Behavior Models

When you group students in an Inclusion setting, remember to take into account that the special needs student will often imitate the behavior he/she sees. Make sure the models you present behave in the manner you want the Included student to pick up. Remember too, that the Included student has plenty to teach the rest of the class! They have lessons in perserverence, tolerance and understanding that all students (and teachers) can benefit from.

What do I do with struggling kids?

Students Helping Others

Have Students Help Other Students

Have the more adept students help those who are struggling. Children love to help and when you teach others, you learn even more. This can free the teacher up to do some one on one.

How do I know what is expected of me?

Shared Expectations

Decide and agree on goals and expectations of students with students with disabilities. Discuss it and write it down. This way you'll know exactly what is expected of you.

What is an IEP?


IEP is the Individualized Education Plan that each special education student should have. It lists their strengths, weaknesses, and areas that they need service.

How do I encourage friends?

Encourage Friends

Encourage Friendships

Encourage friendships among the children in the class. Children are truly the best teachers and role models for our kids. My son`s para steps back and lets his peers "support" him during his school day.

How can I get my students to have friends?


Give Them A Buddy!

Kids respond best to other kids. They all want to "fit in" and be accepted. Give the special needs child a "buddy" who will model appropriate behavior and help keep them involved in the class. Children love to be "teachers" and you will probably have a list of "volunteers" a mile long.

What should I consider when grouping students with services?


Group students together that have special services like physical therapy, speech therapy etc. The coordination of the services will be easier.

How can I improve the classroom community?

Classroom Community

Make the student with the disability feel a part of the class as much as possible. Here is how.
- Place the student's desk with everyone else's - have them participate in class activities and questions - have all students do the same activities even if it's adapted.

What should I consider when grouping students?


When considering grouping students, remember to keep in mind math skills, reading level, behavior, work habits, and subject area.

How do I set up an inclusion program?

Research and Experience

Gather a list of why and why not inclusion will work for your school. Share your list with co-workers and discuss the pros and cons.

How do I set up an inclusion program?


Before setting up an inclusion program in your school, you should do the following. Read up on the recent inclusion programs, visit schools that have included, talk to teachers who have used inclusion, talk to students who have been included, and learn from others.

How should I treat a student with a disability?

Welcome Students

Welcome all students in your classroom. Many teachers feel that the student with the disability isn't *your* student, but they are. Talk to them, encourage them, and challenge them. Make them a part of your class.

How do I group new students?

New Students

For any new student, make sure you check their file concerning any special education services needed.

How can I prepare for a student with a disability?



Make sure the staff is dedicated to making that the Inclusion work. No matter what services are in place or how well the student is prepared, one person, not committed to making it work can ruin the best laid plans. You may think you can change a teacher`s or an administrator`s opinion, but from personal experience, it rarely happens.

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