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Should I give students jobs?


Give students a classroom job. They can take things to the office, clean, organize folders, and so on. Switch jobs on a weekly basis.

Why is organization important?


Get organized. When the students see you organized, they will strive for it themselves. Show them how to get organized.

What do I do about medication?

Check Medication Schedule

Verify the student's medication file. Make sure you lock medicine up and the student gets it on time.

How can I prepare for my student with ADHD?

Read Medical Information

Review the medical information in your students file. It's important to do this so you know what to expect and have an idea about the child's capabilities.

Should I praise students?

Positive Feedback

Give positive remarks to students. Praise them when they are doing something good.

What is ADD and ADHD?


ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder.
ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What is the advantage to fewer problems?

Small Problems

Instead of hundreds of the same problem like in math class, give students ten at a time. This will also help keep their attention and not get bored.

Are choices important?


When possible, allow students to have choices in activities. This will maintain their attention and enthusiasm.

What do I do if my student does outbursts?

Emergency Plan

Create a plan if the student becomes violent or out of control. Run through this plan to be prepared.

Should I be creative?

Creative Classroom

Be creative in your lessons. Don't let students get bored or they have a tendency to act out.

What is ritalin?


Ritalin is a medicine that can help some students with ADD or ADHD. It should only be used if necessary.

What do I do after my child is diagnosed with ADD?

After the Label

Once your child is diagnosed with ADD, you need to discuss it with doctors and talk to special education teachers of any techniques you can use. Be patient with your child. Work with them and help them get organized and stay focused. Read information on ADD. Don't jump to medicine use right away. You can also join support group for parents with ADD.

Are videos good?

Less Videos

Resist video overkill. Too much TV or videos can make students irritated and have lots of energy. Try to add hands on activities as much as possible.

Should I be consistent in the classroom?

Consistent Behavior

Remain consistent. Students with ADD and ADHD like consistent teachers when it comes to discipline.q

How can I help my student with organization?


Assist the student with organization. Add a To Do file and Finished file on their desk. This will help them stay focused.

How do I show caring to ADD students?


Give lots of extra caring and attention to ADD and ADHD students. They don't get a lot and they need to feel attention.

How can I help students with lots of energy?


Allow time when students can be active. Between subjects, let students stand up and stretch.

Can I use humor in class?


Implement humor in your classroom. Laughter is a good thing for everyone.

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