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What is respite care?

Respite Care

Everyone needs a break - especially parents. Respite care is a service for parents who have children with disabilities. Trained members stay with your child if you go out. Many of these services are free or a small fee. Ask your local disability center.

What are some methods that I can use to communicate to parents?


Keep a notebook that you and your student's parent can write to each other about important details of the day.

Is socialization important?


Help your child socialize the best they can. Encourage them to make friends and invite them over to play with.

How can I give the siblings more time?


Remember to give enough attention to your other children and not just the ones with disabilities. Set aside a special time to do some activity together - just you and them.

How can I be my child´s advocate?


Parents need to be involved with your children's education. Attend IEP meetings and be your child's best advocate. Parents play a key factor in education.

How do I anticipate trouble?

Anticipate Trouble

Anticipate Trouble

Parents and teachers should work together to anticipate the situations where the child may become distracted or distruptive. Plans should be made to make transitions as smooth as possible for the child. If you can anticipate trouble before it happens, you can take steps to avoid it.

How can a computer help my child?


Expose your child to the computer at an early age. Hundreds of adaptations can be made for your child to help them use it. Computers can help your child be more independent.

What do I do with the siblings?


Talk to your student's brothers and sisters. Make them feel welcome and involved in the education process.

How can I learn about my child?


Learn everything that you can about your child's disability. You can also join support groups for parents of children with special needs. The Internet is a great source.

Should I encourage my child to be independent?


Encourage your student with special needs to be as independent as possible.

Should I listen to your children?


Listen to your child when they are frustrated. Explain to them that it is fine to be frustrated sometimes. However, don't allow them to wallow in pity.

How should I deal with therapists?

Getting Along

Parents: Try not to control every situation. Remember that teachers and therapists do know what they are doing. Try to be pleasant with them and be respectful.

How should I treat my child with a disability?


Treat your child as normal as possible. You can discuss the disability with them, but don't be afraid to let them just be a kid.

How do I teach life skills?

Home Life Skills

Teach Life Skills At Home

This may not belong in this category, but as the mother of three son`s with disabilities, I believe teaching Life Skills in school is a waste of valuable learning time. Our children only have so many years in school and most will take a litle longer to learn things than "normal" children. I would rather have my son`s being exposed to the concepts of reading, writing and math than to spend their days learning to count money, sweep floors and use the toilet. They may have trouble comprehending these subjects, but life skills I can teach at home.

Should I communicate with my child´s teacher?

Teacher Communication

Get to know your child's teacher. You can communicate with them by daily use of a notebook.

How can I help my child´s self esteem?

Self Esteem

Help your child with self-esteem. Help them to feel unique and find their talents. Be supportive.

Who should I expose my child to?


Expose your child to other children with and without a disability. Let them know that other people do exist with disabilities.

What do I do with the siblings?


Learn all you can about your student's siblings.

What do I tell my children when tragedy hits?

Tragedy Tips

When tragedy hits, you need to be there for your children. Listen to them. Even children who have learning or mental disabilities feel confused or lost during a tragedy. Be honest, supportive, loving, and follow normal family routines.

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