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How can I keep my student organized?


A highlighter can help student's with learning disabilities focus on the key things they should study. It gets rid of the unnecessary information.

How can I study better?

Writing It Out

Many students with learning disabilities rather write things out and then simplify it. They can often similfy things enough so all that is left to remember are keywords.

How can I teach students with learning disabilities?

Get Interested

Find out what the student is interested. Once you find out, develop this interest by taking them to libraries, galleries etc to develop their interest.

How do I keep students organized?

To Do List

Help students arrange a to do list every day. This helps students stay on task and keeps them organized.

How can I educate a student with a learning disability?

Computer Skills

Sometimes students with learning disabilities learn and write better using computers. Computers make it easier for students to write and keep focused.

Does a student with a learning disability require extra time?

Test Taking

Some students might need some extra time to take a test. Time pressures can harm the student's ability to perform on a test. If a student has a learning disability, make sure you give them enough time to take the test.

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