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How do I get my teen ready for adult life?


Have case scenarios available. These scenarios can be situations that a student will face when they're an adult. They can be job, money, and family situations. Discuss them as a group of how they would handle the various scenarios.

How do I communicate with my teen?

Happy Discussion

Discuss ways to handle tough situations - peer pressure, conflicts, challenges, and bully's.

When should I talk about transition?


Discuss transition with students. What kind of job do they want? Are they interested in college? You should start talking about careers when they are 14 and older.

What college is good for students with disabilities?

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Edinboro University is a great college for students with physical and learning disabilities. It's a very extensive program.

How can I keep teens interested in reading?


Let teens read magazines and comics during free time. Reading is good no matter what and keeps them interested.

What kind of career can a person with a disability have?


Working from home is a great option for someone with a disability. They can be writers, teachers, desktop publishers, and more. All they need is a computer and Internet connection.

Where can I get college information?

Journey Into Friendship

Journey Into Friendship is an excellent book for people who are going to college and have a disability. It's about two best friends who have disabilities. Jessica has cerebral palsy and Megan had a stroke. They graduated in 1998.

How can I make friends?


Friendships can be difficult to get when you have a disability. Remember to like yourself first. Be the person you want to be and be proud of who you are. Smile and say Hello to people. Let go of your fear of rejection.

How do I talk to my teen?


Let your teen talk to you about fitting in and peer pressure. Just because the teen has a disability doesn't mean they don't have pressure.

Where can I get college information?

Disability Services

Most colleges have an office for students with disabilities. Students that require special services such as extra time to take tests will get their needs met there. You will need documentation that one does in deed have a disability.

Do I discuss peer pressure with my teens?

Peer Pressure

Discuss peer pressure with teens with disabilities. They also have pressure dealing with friends despite their differences.

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