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What equipment do children with CP use?


Students with CP usually benefit from wooden puzzles, easy to grasp utensils, computers, touch screens, wheelchairs, big crayons, clipboards, key guards, larger buttons, and other adaptive equipment.

Should I use Braille in my class?


Make sure that everything you create for students is in Braille. If the visually impaired student is included, allow the other children feel the Braille and ask questions.

How can I help my student to be more independent?

Toilet Use

Some people and children with physical disabilities have difficulty staying on the toilet. You can use grab bars or special seating for them to use. This will increase self esteem and independence.

What cures CP?


Cerebral Palsy is not progressive, communicable, inherited or a primary cause of death. Nor is it "curable" in the accepted sense, although an individual with cerebral palsy often responds to training and therapies. It is not a disease and should never be referred to as such. It is a condition.

What do I do if my student can´t hold a book?

Books on Tape

Sometimes it can be difficult for a student to hold a book to read it. Luckily, they have books on tape for students to listen to instead of reading.

How can I make room for students who use wheelchairs?

Make Room

Make sure that you make enough room so students who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers etc can move freely around the class.

Should I encourage my child to be independent?


Encourage students to be as independent as possible. Help them to find new ways to adapt for themselves.

How can I help my student with low vision?

Low Vision

Students with low vision learn by using magnified text, larger type font, and contrast enhanced. These students often work more slowly and have problems dealing with details.

How can I use books on tapes?

Books on Tape

Students with visual impairments can benefit from books on tape. More and more books can be found on tape so people can listen to them instead of reading it.

What is a speech impediment?


Sometimes a student with CP will have speech impediments or be unable to speak. Encourage them in speech therapy or to use their communication device.

What are the types of CP?

Types of CP

Types of CP include: spastic- stiff and difficult movement, athetoid-involuntary and uncontrolled movement, ataxic- disturbed sense of balance. Most people have a combination of the three.

What increases spasms?

Increased Spasms

Heat, new situations, stress, change of medicine, allergies, emotions, hormones, and sickness can affect CP. Someone might have more spasms or involuntary movements at this time. Never get angry at them for having a spasm.

Is swimming good for students with CP?


Swimming is a great exercise for children with cerebral palsy. It helps relax and strengthen the muscles.

Where should I place students with visual impairments?

Room Placement

Be sure to place students with visual impairments close to the front so they can hear you well, and if they can see, has an easier time seeing.

What kind of work should I give a student with a heart condition?

Pacing Work

If the student is weak from cancer or a heart condition, all you need to do is slow down your pace. Do a little work each time and give the child time to rest. Give them shorter work assignments and projects. Communicate with them, the child, and doctor to see how much is too much work.

How can I help my student with self esteem?

Self Esteem

Encourage students with CP to do their best academically, socially, and physically. Expect 200% from them.

What is the startle reflex?

Startle Reflex

Startle reflex is when someone jumps or has a spasm when there is a sudden sound or gesture. Many people with CP have this reflex so be careful not to make any sudden noises without warning the student first.

What is a page-turner?

Page Turners

Page turners are an automatic device that helps your student turn pages of a book. They can turn pages by hitting a button or using a joystick. It's an excellent way to promote independence.

How can I help a student who drools?


Give a student who drools a lot a wrist band or bandana so they can wipe their mouth.

How can I help my functional blind students?

Functional Blindness

Students who are functionally blind can navigate safely around the classroom. They write and read in Braille. They may need accomodations to enhance their safety.

How can I help someone with cerebral palsy relax?


Massaging muscles can help lots for people with cerebral palsy. Muscles often become tight and massaging them can be a way to relax them.

How can I help a student who is totally blind?


Students who are totally blind require input from other senses. They use braille and canes. They also require accomodations.

What is the treatment for CP?


Treatment for CP often includes physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Some medicine, such as baclofen, can be used to reduced spasticity or involuntary movements.

What is CP?


Cerebral palsy is a physical disability. CP occurs by an injury to the brain during, before, or after birth. "Cerebral" refers to the brain and "palsy" to the lack of motor control. In some cases, there may be seizure, mental retardation, and impairment of sight, hearing, or speech. The degree of involvement varies on where and how much the brain is damaged.

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