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What can I fill time with?

Fun Stuff

Kee a folder filled with fun activities on each subject - crosswords, word searches, coloring sheets. These are great to use for students who finish work before other students.

Should I practice my lesson plans?


Practice lessons before you present them to the class. This way you can iron out necessary details before you present it to the class.

What should a good lesson plan have?

Model Plan

A model lesson plan could look like this -

I. Title
II. Materials
III. Intro
IV. Lesson
V. Activity
VI. Conclusion

What kind of activities should I do in my class?

Activity Variety

Add some variety into your classroom. Don't just do worksheets all the time. Add some group activities, drama, games, computer activities, media, and more activities.

How can I help my sub?


Make sure lesson plans are clearly understandable for when you have a sub.

How can I keep lessons together?


Keep a binder with all your lessons in it. You can have different binders for each subject.

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