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How can I toilet train correctly?

Special Seating

Many children with disabilities have difficulties remaining stable on a toilet. There are special seats, bars, and straps that can help someone be stable as they use the bathroom.

Should I use books with pictures?

Picture Books

Remember to use books with plenty of pictures. Show students the picture and ask students to tell you what the characters are doing.

Why is movement important?


Have plenty of movement in your lessons and day. This helps student's with physical therapy and burns up energy.

How can I use games?


Allow students to invent their own games. This helps them learn strategies and builds imagination.

Why should I use puzzles?


Keep wooden puzzles handy. Children love playing with wooden puzzles and it is excellent therapy. Children with physical disabilities can use them pretty much independently.

Can my child be potty trained?

It Can Be Done

Yes, children with disabilities can be potty trained. Potty training requires time, patience, love, and consistency. Talk to parents and teachers to help you through this process.

How should I use my felt board?

Felt Board

Have a felt board in your classroom. Make sure you have plenty of felt animals, people, buildings, and other props. Allow students to play with the board because it stimulates imagination.

When should I use puppets?


Use puppets as much as possible during the lessons. Puppets often grab a student attention. Have the puppet read, give instructions, or just talk to the students.

How can I keep the bathroom organized?


Have a beaded necklace on the door knob. Whenever a child uses the bathroom, they should put on the necklace and take it off when they are finished. This is so you know when the bathroom is occupied.

Why is story telling important?

Story Telling

Read stories to your class everyday. Reading to students helps them learn to read and have a greater imagination. Ask questions as you read.

Can I ask questions?

Seek Information

Don't be afraid to learn everything you can about your child's disability. Ask as many questions as you need. Don't be intimidated.

What materials should I have in my class?

Sand Box

Keep a small sand box in the classroom. Children enjoy the sand, and it's good therapy to play in it.

Should I read to children?

Read A Story

Read children lots of stories. Have the child follow along as you read. Point to pictures and words as you go. Ask plenty of questions as you read.

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