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How can I make grading easier?


Have students grade their own practice work. This will save you time and benefit the students.

how can I make attendance easier?


Use a clothesline to take attendance by labeling each clothes pin with a student number. Everyday the students take off their pin when they arrive.

How can I keep my student´s awake during story time?

Reading a Story

To maintain student's attention at story time, give them paper and crayons. Tell them they need to draw a picture that relates to the story only.

What can I do with distracted students?

Distracted Students

Keep all students who are distracted easily away from the doors and windows.

What do I put on my bulletin board?

Student Activity

Create a student centered activity to make things for the bulletin board. Ask for student ideas and suggestions.

Why do I need a quiet area?

Quiet Area

Make sure you have a quiet area in your classroom where students can concentrate. Let students read, take tests, and work in that area. It's good to allow students to focus.

Can I ask students to put up a bulletin board?

Student Help

Ask students to put up bulletin boards. They like to assist and it's good physical and occupational therapy.

What can I do when waiting in line with my class?

Waiting in line

When you wait in line with your class, you can review lessons, teach sign language, review spelling word, and math problems.

How can I reduce cheating?

Reduce Cheating

Here are some good ways to reduce cheating. Don't have desks lined up in rows, assign group activities, be available for extra help, and challenge students to share their knowledge in front of the class.

What do I do when a child doesn´t attend frequently?

No Perfect Attendance

Not So Perfect Attendance

Chidren who have special needs sometimes miss a lot of school. Certain medical treatments or hospital stays mean that school time is often missed. If your child has a chronic condition that means they will miss school, talk with your child`s teacher. Arrange to have homework or lessons sent home for the child to do when he/she is feeling up to it. Arrange for home or hospital visits with therapists if appropriate. Ask other parents to bring friends to visit if possible, or have the class make a card or picture for their ill classmate. Try as much as possible to make the ill child still feel like part of the class.

Where do I put a calendar?


Have a monthly calendar located in your class that is easily seen by students. Mark important reminders, test dates, feild trips, birthdays, and school events.

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